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My previous analyst on BTC price

In the previous analyst, I mentioned the 52k$ should be a key level to define the trend. It broke that support key. And back to test around 42k$.

When it dropped down below 52k$, the wave form became different — switched from a bull trend (Fifth wave — IM 12345) to a down trend (C wave form — ABC).

Currently I will buy btc around 46k$ and exit all at 56k$. Then I will monitor to see what ‘s next.

In the worst situation, after hitting 56k$, it will drop to 29k$ — 18k$ — 10k$.

Noted: This is just my opinion — not an investment advice.



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When developing frontend apps, we can face a lot of codes that using conditional stuff like below

login ? 
(user.isSuperAmdin ? <div>Super Admin</div> : <div>User</div>)
: <div>Log in</div>

We can re-write it by introducing the Condition components like If/Switch

<If condition={login}>
<If condition={user.isSuperAdmin}>
<div>Super Admin</div>
<Otherwise>Normal User</Otherwise>

Another case for Switch component

{tabIndex === 0 && renderTab0Content()}
{tabIndex === 1 && renderTab1Content()}
{tabIndex === 2 && renderTab2Content()}

We can rewrite like

<Switch comparingValue={tabIndex}>
<Case value={0}>
<Case value={1}>
<Case value={2}>
<div>Oh no we dont support here</div>

With this approach, I think we can see the code clearer — it likes a DSL way to explain the code flow.

What do you think about this way?

Welcome any feedback and ideas. Thanks.